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Last update: 2023-12-06 @ 19:39 EST Silver spot: $23.96 Gold spot: $2028.20

Reddit post #1: "I tried to buy silver with Monero, but I couldn't find a great solution. I WANT TO FIX THAT."

Reddit post #2: "Update: I want to make it easy for Monero users to buy physical silver bullion."

Reddit post #3: "Update #3: MoneroSilver.com -- we shipped our first order!"

Reddit post #4: "Update #4: MoneroSilver.com - we now sell coins!"

Reddit post #5: "Just in time for the chaos: MoneroSilver.com is ready!"

Reddit post #6: "MoneroSilver.com now has Monero logo rounds!"

Reddit post #7: "MoneroSilver.com now sells GOLD"

Blog post #8: "MoneroSilver.com 6-month update"

Blog post #9: "MoneroSilver.com is shutting down"