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Published on November 25, 2023.

Hello everyone, I have some sad news...

It's pretty clear that the United States government is becoming increasingly hostile towards crypto businesses.  I think it is important that we all listen to the announcement about Binance felony charges, and recognize that we are in their cross-hairs.

This MoneroSilver project has been a fun experiment:

        * It has been great to meet people from the Monero community.
          I have had nothing but positive experiences.

        * This website has allowed me to feel the "pulse" of the gold, silver, and crypto markets.
          I understand these markets much beter now.

        * I have learned what gold and silver products are the most in-demand and liquid.
          Now I know what to buy and what to avoid.

I have never made any profits from this site, and I never did this for the money.  It has always just been a fun hobby experiment that combined a couple of my interests and gave me the above-listed indirect benefits.  But it's finally time for me to admit that I am living in the wrong country for this kind of business.  In order to do this right, I'd need to live in a place that is outside of U.S. jurisdiction, that actually has true financial freedom.

The only way to make this work in the USA is to operate as a decentralized service, and not do trades yourself; in other words, be a website that connects people for peer-to-peer trading.  I feel like , CraigsList , and OfferUp already do a "good enough" job at this.  Of course, a site that is specialized for metals trading would be much nicer, but I struggle to see how to make it work as a business, since margins are so thin, liability is high, and trading activity is low.  It's a challenge.

I need to choose my battles wisely.  Instead of fighting with USA regulators, I'd rather just spend time with my kids.

Thank you all, I wish you luck!

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